Natural Born Entertainer

Donny Pareneau is guitar legend who plays many kind of instruments to fiddle to violin. He’s a multitalented in the field of music, having won multiple awards and multiple nominations whether he is guitar player, song writer, or a total package as an artist. What makes his becoming a legend in the field of music is the story behind his success and continuing success.
Donny Parenteau lives in prince albert, saskatchewan canada. It was believed that in canada since it’s freezing snow in there it is either you are good in hockey or you would be good in music.
As Donny Parenteau said he was bad at sports so he chose to be very good in music. This music legend started his career at the age 15. When he found out that there is a broken fiddle inside the closet he asked his father to fix it then suprisingly at age 19 he already plays professional. It was said that after he played the fiddle, music already and finger tutting is already playing on his head (this marks a true musician )

While the band of a legend group Mccoy band was also at town. The lead member Neal Mccoy happened to meet Donny as a team member invited him for a talk. As the meeting progress it felt as if Mccoy band and Donny are starting to jell together however the Mccoy band don’t have the means to pay Donny. But Donny himself insisted for an audition and brought with him his fiddle. After this the group was formed having the feeling that they fit one another. The team members sacrificed by getting a cut to open up for Donny.

12 years has passed after the teaming up. Mccoy became a star having 3 platinum album during that stint but it also opened opportunities for Donny to be with some of the living legends of music at that time such as Tim Mcgraw, Charlie Daniels, etc. and appeared to premiere TV shows like the tonight show of Jay Leno.
The band and legend’s Donny and Neal became a great band who averages 250 to 300 shows a month. That is gruelling and a tough schedule. Due to this the decision to quit barbed out the mind of Donny. After talking to the band members and close allies the decision has been made and Donny quitted but he was recognized and given an applause at a life time after performing in Grand Ole and famed Circle.

Well, once a musician will always be a musician. After several times after he left the team. His friends and every people around him was pushing him to do the same flavor of music he has done. So at instance he was forced and made a band that he liked. What challenge him the most at that time song writing was a difficult thing. He regretted that when he was still on neal’s band that he had opportunity to learn with their bassist about it. However, as he is a natural born musician he learn the process of making song as he enjoys it as much as he loved playing instruments.
Testimony to this is the song “Postmark Heaven” gave chills to avid radio listener and “What it Takes”
Donny has been tearing it up since day 1 with real time attitude. His philosophy are working well and has been raising up new and upcoming band players. To this day many consider Donny not just a music legend but a bigger than life person.


Here listen to Donny Plateau playing his single Postman Heaven from the album what it takes