A taste of Country music artist

From rockers to hip hop, to singer to rapper. All have distinct image and posture. Rockers usually have electric guitars in them and plays it like there’s no more tomorrow. While Rappers have a wireless microphone a baseball cap and durag while having a lousy pants (oh and a bling bling). This makes an artiist unique from one another and their fashion statement makes the music more dynamic and identified. So how about a country singer how do they usually look.

Since music originated in the southern part. The country music is adapted by the folk tradition. There tradition’s are like of the sound of Texas where lay looks like modern cowboys. Their usual look could be seen with a cowboy hat, shades, checkered pole and a good belt emphasizing the front side and jean plus a leather shoes. These makes the typical look for a country music artist. The hat shouldn’t be omitted as it is the main tool to emphasize country.

The above paragraph only emphasizes on male but for female the look is quite different but same in terms. Female Country singers typically look so fresh and a little spicy. If you want examples you can see the image of Taylor Swift as an example. A cowboy hat , A polo shirt, skirt that is below the knees and a leather boots round up the look of a country female artist.

But look at some of the people who made a living out of country music.

Surely they live the country life!