Donny Parenteau is not only known for his fiddle playing along side the Neal Mccoy band that sold almost 5 Million album copies but he is also known for his individual accolades as he also formed his own band and made music worthy to be played in a main stream media. Here are some to back up this statements.

in the Year 2000, Donny receive a Merit award from Saskatchewan Country Music Association. second the following year 2001 he receive International Humanitarian Award and in the 2003 he was recognized the Fiddle player of the year by the Canadian Country Music Association and is part of the All-star Fiddle players. While in the year 2004 three awards were taken by Donny it was All Star Band by playing fiddle , Aboriginal Artist of the Year All Star Band in the specialty group and the producer of the year given by SCMA and CCMA in particular order.

His accolades continued to spring up as from 2005 to 2008 he had atleast 20 Awards and was given by 6 representing music bodies like the SCMA,CCMA,WCMA,JUNO,CAMA and  APCMA.

2009 seems to be the break out year for Donny as he was able to receive 8 awards alone and receiving the highest recognition for an artist that is the  Entertainer Male Vocalist Aboriginal. His fame continued to spring up even to this day. As from 2010 to 2013 he had at least 40 awards given my music govern body. His singles like “My girl” reached mainstream world and even made hundreds of thousands view in YouTube.

Here are some of his accolades from year 2013:


  • Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the YearMale Vocalist of the YearSong of theYear – Sunshower
  • Single of the Year – Can’t Afford to Love You
  • Record Producer
  • Album of the Year – Bring It On
  • All Star Band – fiddle
  • All Star Band – specialty
  • Country Music Person of the Year
  • Aboriginal Artist of the Year

(This was noted by SCMA and JUNO)