Singles and Hits

After parting ways with music legend Neal McCoy and after sharing the lime light with him in the stage and selling 3 platinum albums. Donny Parenteau himself also had some share of shine and fame as an individual carrying his own brand and making notable music and ┬ásong videos. Donny Parenteau became one of finest Canadian musician as he boast different types of dynamics of playing many types of instruments. From fiddle to guitar to even becoming a song writer. Here are some of his greatest singles and music that gave life to Canada’s country music.

He had his first phantom album in October 9, 2006. His first teaser came in the radio with the single Postmaked in Heaven eventually this became a radio catcher as this was even played live in CBC Sunday( A broadcasting show) This was his first album. The name of the Album is What it Takes.

These are his singles, Father Time, Belly Up, Turn it Up, My Girl, My Dirt, Watching Over Me, Sun Shower, Can’t Afford to Love you, To Whom it may Concern, Honey It’s Broke, Can’t Afford to Love You.

His type of voicing is country side. Though he lives in Canada his flavor of music is very western like that of the Texas music.

Here is one of his best single

So stay back and hear the music linger with Donny Parenteu’s brand new single “my Girl”.
(This music is a country genre with a mix of nature as background)